The Organizing and Scientific Committee of the 12th Pan – Hellenic and 11th Pan – European Scientific and Professional Nursing Conference instituted a competition to award four full papers of the Conference as follows:

1st Prize for Original Research Paper
2nd Prize for Original Literature Review Paper
3rd Prize for Original E – Poster Presentation (e – poster)
4th Prize for Original Student’s Paper

Awarding Conditions

  • Original papers in which authors have collected research material or data over the past five years and are highly relevant to the subject of the Conference.
  • The structure of the papers should follow the guidelines given to the authors of the Hellenic Journal of Nursing Science.
  • The members of the Awarding Committee are not allowed to take part in the nominated abstracts.
  • Full paper is limited up to 5000 words and must be submitted no later than 26th of April 2019.

Paper Submission

Papers should be submitted in word document by e-mail at

Evaluation and selection criteria for the papers’ awarding

Papers will be evaluated by the Awarding Committee. Papers will be graded with the use of a weighted scale and classified according to their order.
The main criteria are:

  • The innovation and the suitability of the methods.
  • Papers’ potential contribution to the health sector.
  • The prospect of continuing research.
  • The presentation of papers at the Conference.


The submitted papers must be properly scheduled for international audience and the authors should not be restricted by national and political practices and laws. Each paper must include a letter from the author, with the following information:

  • Confirmation of never been published before.
  • Declaration that the full paper is read and accepted by all the authors.
  • Report of each author contribution at the paper.
  • Approval from the Ethics Committee of the Institution, where the research was conducted.
  • First name and last name, postal address, e – mail address as well as the phone number of the author responsible for the correspondence.The structure of the papers should follow the guidelines given to the authors of the Hellenic Journal of Nursing Science, posted on the website:


Prizes will be awarded during the Closing Ceremony of the Conference.During the awarding ceremony, at least one of the authors of the prized papers should be present.
Along with the prize, the four best full papers will be published in the Hellenic Journal of Nursing Science (HJNS), which is the official journal of the Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses.
The HJNS is under the process of indexing in international data bases.